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Before the consulate your documents must be legalized first:

  1. By Ministry of Foreign Affairs for all Certificates
  2. ‎By Arab - Belgian - Lux. chamber (ABLCC) for invoices and certificate of orgin.

How long does the procedure take?

3 working days

Address Embassy of Jordan

Avenue. F. Roosevelt 104

1050 Brussels

T 00 32 26407755

For more information mail us: jordan@embassyservice.be

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1.‎Contact EMBASSY SERVICE per mail or per phone.‎

2.‎EMBASSY SERVICE Courier goes to your address to pick up the ‎document you want to legalize.‎

‎3.‎All documents are driven to Brussels in order to ‎be presented to the authorities. ‎

‎4.‎The legalized document is delivered back to your ‎address.


Consular legalzation Fees:


- All documents: €84




Contact us for our services charges


T: 00 32 485708295

T: 00 32 474473552

Email: legalization@embassyservice.be

Please download here request form for Legalization, fill it and send it with your documents


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