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Embassay Service is a trusted name working with all Embassies, Consulates in Belgium for authentication of documents on behalf of our customers. Our Document Service processes document legalizations for the international use, legal and commercial purposes.


Your business operates in foreign countries, you are looking for a reliable partner which can arrange authentication of your documents straight away. Embassy Services has everything it takes to do the job: knowledge, experience and excellent contacts.


Let us do it for you: Easy, Fast & Secure!

1.‎Contact EMBASSY SERVICE per mail or per phone.‎

2.‎EMBASSY SERVICE Courier goes to your address to pick up your passport & required documents.‎

‎3.‎All documents are driven to Brussels in order to ‎be presented to the embassy for your visa. ‎

‎4.‎Your passport with issued visa is delivered back to your ‎address.


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