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The Saudi Visa application process can turn into a complicated process if you do not have a clear overview of what you need, the requirements and special information, because all Saudi Arabia visas must be registered in Arabic in order to be processed.


Do I qualify for a Saudi business visa?

In order to receive a business visa to travel to Saudi Arabia, you will need the following documentation:


  • Be valid for at least six months/one year.
  • Have at least two blank facing visa pages

Letter of Invitation

For business visits, government visits, work visits or even employment, the first step to getting your visa is to have your host in Saudi Arabia procure an invitation letter through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Written in Arabic Language) .

Letter of Guarantee

A signed and stamped letter of guarantee from the applicant's employer.

This letter must:

  • Be issued by a Belgian or Luxembourg company.
  • Be on company letterhead paper.
  • Be addressed to the consulate in Brussels.
  • Be stamped and signed.


Application Form

  • One completed and signed application form is required. Click here
  • Online completed application form (Arabic language required).


Health insurance

From the 20th June 2016, Saudi Arabia requires every applicant to purchase medical insurance via one of their approved suppliers, regardless of whether the applicant already holds separate medical or travel insurance.


This instruction excludes pilgrims who go for treatment, holders of diplomatic and special passports, governmental visits, foreign missions and organizational visits, and guests of the kingdom.


The purchase of the medical insurance is automatically completed when we create your enjaz payment. This means that we are required to pay for the insurance whilst we create your enumber before submission. Your insurance policy number is your visa number upon completion.


Please note that the medical insurance fee of the most common pricing will be applied when you complete the online form based on the policy issuers at the time. The fees based on each individual applicants age, length of visit and other factors.


Visa Fees

Find here list of visa fees

How long does the procedure take?

2 working days

Our operation address for Saudi Arabia payment & registeration:

Boulevard du Regent 37­-40, 5th floor, 1000 Brussels (Near to the building of American embassy & French consulate).


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‎4.‎Your passport with issued visa is delivered back to your ‎address.


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